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How to help others

Talk to your loved ones about the risk of being scammed and what steps we can take to protect ourselves. Explain how common scams tend to work. It is often older people who feel isolated and unfamiliar with technology who most need our help and support. Demonstrate the best and most secure way to use their bank security device, electronic identification (such as BankID) and services such as Swish, etc.

You can make a difference

Knowledge is the key to avoiding fraud. You can play an important role by raising awareness and spreading information. Share what you know with your neighbours and family. Above all, try and help those who may not be reached by the same information as you.

Do you know somebody in need of help?

  • Help those affected to file a police report
  • Show them how to use apps or essential online services
  • Help prevent fraud by asking if anything has happened and by sharing information and advice
  • Keep up to date and informed on the latest scams and methods that might affect you and your family

Share important information

In order to combat fraud, it is crucial that important information is both available and easy to understand. The more people who have this information, the better. It is important to talk to each other and spread awareness.

Do you know of anyone who might need more information about scams and fraud? Download and share the informational leaflet and other materials that Sweden’s banks have developed.

Have you been scammed? Contact your bank immediately!

Always report attempted fraud to the police. Call the police on 114 14.

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