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About the initiative

Fraud has been on the rise in recent years and it is growing into a huge problem for society at large. The Swedish banks have therefore decided to fight back against fraud and financial crime. Together we have created Scamaware! – an initiative which aims to help everyone become just that, scam aware!

Why it is important

Fraudsters systematically target the elderly and the most vulnerable people in society. Many of the criminals involved have direct links to serious organised crime networks. We all have the right to feel safe and secure in our lives. Our aim is to spread knowledge and awareness about how we can best protect ourselves against fraud, and to distribute useful resources that people can use to help their friends and family.

Ask your bank how to keep safe and avoid being scammed. There is no such thing as a silly question.

Together for a more secure society

Scamaware! is a cross-bank initiative from the Swedish banks and the Swedish Bankers’ Association that aims to counteract organised fraud crime, which has grown to become a serious problem in society. By raising awareness and spreading information about what you should do if a scammer makes contact, we hope to prevent more people from falling victim to fraud.

Behind the initiative

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An initiative by the Swedish banks against fraud